BIGHORN canyon

national recreation area

In the fall of 2018, I spent two weeks at Bighorn Canyon where I documented native plants such as milkweed, newly returning in several areas, heart-leaved arnica, coneflowers and several wild grasses such as fescue. I contributed Sacred Cedar, a graphite drawing of a bare and ancient cedar overlooking the 1000-foot canyon drop to the Bighorn River, to the Lovell Visitor Center Gallery. The tree is sacred to local Native tribes.

At Shotpouch Creek in 2011, I created two artist books: the China Plate series, recycled paper plates with botanical drawings and gold leaf, and Flora Delanica, a series of local wildflower drawings.


the cabin at

shotpouch creek



national park

While at Crater Lake in 2010, I completed two artist books, Florilegia, containing thirty-five botanical drawings of wildflowers in the park in graphite and colored pencil, and Whitebark Pine “Ghost” Trees, a wooden-covered artist book with graphite tree drawings of the endangered Whitebark pines.